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Self-Drive Adventure


Exploring the Faroe Islands on a self-drive adventure with a rental car is an excellent way to discover the beauty of this remote archipelago. Here are the top 10 things to do on a self-drive trip with a rental car in the Faroe Islands:

Drive the Scenic Routes: The Faroe Islands are known for their stunning roads with breathtaking views. Take the opportunity to explore scenic routes like the one from Tórshavn to Kirkjubøur or the tunnels and bridges connecting different islands.

Visit Tórshavn: Spend some time in the capital city, Tórshavn, and explore its charming old town with colorful houses, museums, and cozy cafés. Make sure to visit Tinganes, the historic parliamentary area.

Hike to Sørvágsvatn: This hike takes you to the famous optical illusion where the lake appears to hang above the ocean. It's a moderate hike with incredible views.

See Múlafossur Waterfall: Located in the village of Gásadalur on Vagar Island, this waterfall cascades into the sea and is easily accessible by car. It's a must-see photo spot.

Explore Gjógv: Visit this charming village on the island of Eysturoy, known for its natural sea gorge and picturesque setting. Take a walk around the village and enjoy the tranquility.

Photograph the Scenery: The Faroe Islands offer fantastic photo opportunities at every turn. Be prepared to stop and capture the dramatic landscapes, cliffs, and fjords.

Visit Mykines: Take a ferry to Mykines, a remote island famous for its bird cliffs and puffin colonies. It's a paradise for birdwatching and hiking.

Experience Traditional Faroese Cuisine: Try local dishes like skerpikjøt (dried mutton), ræst (fermented mutton), and fresh seafood. Many restaurants and cafes offer these delicacies.

Sub-sea tunnels   
The sub-sea tunnels link a large part of the Faroe Islands together. 

Vágatunnilin connects the western island Vágar, where the Airport is located, to the central island Streymoy, where the capital Tórshavn is located.  

The 4,9 km long Vágar tunnel opened for traffic in December 2002 and was the first sub-sea tunnel on the Faroe Islands. If you arrive by plane and plan on visiting other islands besides Vágar, you will need to drive through this tunnel.  

Norðoyatunnilin connects the northern island Borðoy, where Klaksvík is located, to the eastern island Eysturoy, where you will find several top attractions such as Gjógv, Tjørnuvík and many more.   
The Norðoya tunnel is 6,2 km long. It was the second sub-sea tunnel and opened for traffic in April 2006. Eysturoyartunnilin opened as the third in December 2020 and links central Streymoy and eastern Eysturoy with a total length of 11,4 km.  

The Eysturoyar tunnel is a two-laned undersea tunnel that has three tubes which meet 72,6 metres below the surface at the world’s first, and only, undersea roundabout!  

Aside from this unique feature, the appearance is striking looking like a giant jellyfish, illuminated with shifting aquamarine lighting and surrounded by life-size dancing figures symbolizing the traditional Faroese chain dance. 

The Sandoyartunnilin, an engineering marvel in the Faroe Islands, connects Streymoy to Sandoy through a 10.6-kilometer undersea tunnel. Opened in December 2023, this tunnel dives to a depth of 150 meters below sea level, facilitating faster and more reliable transport between these islands.

The tunnel passages are handled digitally with camera operated license plate registration and will be registered automatically to the car rental invoice at the end of the rental at these prices (link til síðu við prísum) 

This map shows the locations of the tunnels and the passage costs. See map.

When self-driving in the Faroe Islands, always check the weather forecast, road conditions, and the opening hours of attractions, as they can be affected by the unpredictable climate. Additionally, drive cautiously and respectfully on narrow roads and be aware of wildlife on the roads, especially in rural areas. Enjoy your memorable adventure on ou beautiful islands!


Toll Road charges

Vága- & Norðoyatunnil
For all vehicles:

DKK 100 per roundtrip

For cars:

Eysturoy - Streymoy: DKK 250 per trip DKK 500 per roundtrip Strendur - Rókin: DKK 125 per trip DKK 250 per roundtrip

For passenger- & cargovans:

Eysturoy - Streymoy: DKK 400 per trip DKK 800 per roundtrip Strendur - Rókin: DKK 200 per trip DKK 400 per roundtrip

Airport surcharge: DKK 395 - mandatory charge for all rentals at the airport

Additional driver: DKK 60 per day - max 10 days charge

Delivery and/or collection at Hotel in Tórshavn: DKK 150 per delivery/collection

One way rental between Vágar-Tórshavn-Vágar: DKK 600